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Welcome to the OpenFEDEM discussion forums. Here, you can connect with other users, share your experiences, ask questions, and contribute to the ongoing development of OpenFEDEM. Join the conversation in any of the following forums:

  • FEDEM GUI Discussions - Engage with other users about the graphical user interface of FEDEM, share tips, and find solutions to common issues.
  • FEDEM Solvers Discussions - Discuss the solvers used in FEDEM, exchange ideas on optimization, and learn from the community's expertise.
  • FEDEM Models Discussions - Share your models, get feedback, and collaborate on improving and creating new models for various applications.
  • OpenFEDEM Website Discussions - Provide feedback on the OpenFEDEM website, suggest improvements, and discuss website-related topics.

In addition to our GitHub discussion forums, you can also connect with the OpenFEDEM community through these platforms:

  • LinkedIn - Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated with the latest news, updates, and professional discussions related to OpenFEDEM.

Join us in these forums to collaborate, innovate, and help advance the capabilities of OpenFEDEM.